Tax Refund Check Cashing Alternatives to Banks In Kansas City

This income tax refund checking article describes how many people in Kansas City are cashing their checks without a bank and why.

If you are waiting for the arrival of a tax refund check, it can be disappointing – if not detrimental – to be unable to cash the check when you receive it. This commonly happens to many people who attempt to cash their tax refund checks at a bank. Banks are not required to cash tax refund checks and many times refuse to do so for those who are not account holders.

Why Banks May Refuse To Cash Your Tax Refund Check

Most banks offer check cashing services to their customers. However, many do not provide this service to those who are not account holders. If you do find a Kansas  City bank that offers refund check cashing, you may encounter a variety of stipulations. Identification is required at most banks for non-account holders, which you may not have.

If the tax refund check is for a large amount, bank policies may allow a suspicious teller to refuse to cash it.  The same thing may happen if a joint tax refund check is cashed by only one of the payees. In the case of estate refund checks made out to many recipients, the bank may refuse indefinitely, forcing you to request a check reissue from the IRS.

Alternative Tax Refund Check Cashing Services

Whatever the case is, you don’t have to wait if you don’t want to. There are tax refund check cashing businesses available in Kansas City that are an alternative to banks.  Businesses like these are becoming more common as banks continue to reduce available services to those who don’t have accounts.

Check cashing companies can also cash refund anticipation loan checks. They often offer other services, as well, such as payday loans and money transfers.  It should be noted that cashing a check at these businesses will include a fee of some sort. All reputable check cashing services will provide quotes upon request.

Waldo Financial, the leading refund check cashing service in Kansas City, cashes refund checks of all amounts and provides quotes over the phone. Call them at 816-333-6800 for pricing questions, the cashing process, or answers to other questions you may have.

This income tax refund checking article described why so many people in Kansas City are cashing their checks without a bank these days.

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How to Cash a Joint Taxes Refund in Kansas City

This income tax refund article describes how to cash a joint tax refund check in Kansas City.

Both the state and federal governments issue income tax refund checks for the past year. If you have filed a joint return with your spouse, both your names will be on the tax refund check. In order to cash it once you receive it, you and your spouse will both have to sign the check to validate it.

Refund check cashing in Kansas City is easy and relatively quick. Couples have the choice of several venues in which to cash their refund check, including banks and check cashing outlets.

In the majority of cases, you will need to have a bank account to cash your tax refund check at a Kansas City bank. Some banks will, depending on their policies, cash refund checks for non-account holders. Both you and your spouse will need a social security card and a state-issued identification.

It is best to sign the tax refund check in the presence of the bank teller.  This helps to eliminate any suspicion, especially in thee case of large tax returns. Those couple who have a joint bank account may be able to deposit the tax refund into their account without having to sign it in the presence of a bank employee.

If you don’t have access to a bank account, shared or otherwise, or would simply like your cash immediately without the bank’s holding time, Kansas City has several tax refund check cashing businesses. These allow you to cash your refund check immediately with no hassle and a small fee.

Waldo Financial, as Kansas City’s leading check cashing service, has been providing these services and more since 1999. Like all reputable refund check cashing businesses, they offer quotes of their fees over the phone. They also provide other valuable cash services, such as payday loans.

Give them a call today at 816-333-6800 for any questions or concerns you might have about the tax refund check cashing process in Kansas City.

This income tax refund article described how to cash a joint tax refund check in Kansas City. Let Waldo Financial of Kansas City help you with your income tax refund check cashing.

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