Kansas City Personal Check Cashing Service

This Kansas City personal check cashing service article describes cashing personal checks or “personal check cashing” in the Kansas City area.

About Kansas City Personal Check Cashing ServicesThe best kansas city personal check cashing service is Waldo Financial

Personal checks are some of the riskiest checks to cash for any business. Personal checks present a high risk for the check cashing company.

Due to the high risk in cashing personal checks, Waldo Financial charges a higher fee than when cashing business checks or tax refund checks. Personal checks are cashed at a 16% fee of the personal check amount.

Kansas Personal Check Cashing Service Verification

A personal check must be verified by 2 parties: the issuing bank, and the maker of the check.

Waldo Financial will first make contact the issuing bank listed on the check. We ask them to verify that a check can be cashed for three times the amount listed on the check.

Some banks like Bank of America will not verify the funds available on the checking account. Unfortunately we are unable to cash any check that cannot be verified by the issuing bank.

Secondly, we verify the check with the person that is listed as having written the check.

There are times when the phone number is on the body of the check and other times we have to do research to find that person’s contact information. We need a way to contact the issuer by phone to verify the check. We verify that they did in fact write the personal check to be cashed. We verify the amount of the personal check and the person that the check is made out to.

Kansas City personal check cashing services are hard to find. At Waldo Financial, we specialize in Kansas City personal check cashing and personal check cashing and business check cashing.

Contact Waldo Financial for your Kansas City personal check cashing service needs.

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