Kansas City Government Check Cashing at Waldo Financial

This Kansas City government check cashing article describes the cashing of government checks. It’s often that people will call or walk-in asking about government check cashing.

Yes, Waldo Financial cashes all kinds of checks; including government checks or government-issued checks.

U.S. Treasury Check Cashing in Kansas CityKansas City government check cashing

Waldo Financial cashes U.S. Treasury checks for those on disability or those receiving social security benefits from the government.

Waldo also cashes U.S. Treasury checks that have been issued as tax refund checks.

Cashing State Checks in Kansas City

Waldo Financial of Kansas City also cashes state government checks that have been issued as tax refund checks, state unemployment checks state retirement pension checks.

Waldo’s Kansas City location will even cash an out-of-state issued government check.

Cashing Local Government Checks in Kansas City

Do you have a local government issued check that you want to cash? Waldo Financial cashes local government checks also.

Waldo Financial provides Kansas City check cashing issued by local municipal court for refunds, bail bond refunds or local tax refunds.

Kansas City Government Check Cashing Fees

Waldo charges 3% of the government check face amount.

Just bring take your check into their 8437 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO location, along with a valid government issued identification card. Once the check has been verified, the check will be cashed. Please be sure NOT to endorse the check prior to visiting the Waldo store Kansas City check cashing location.

Other Kansas City Check Cashing Services

In addition to Kansas City government check cashing services, Waldo cashes payroll checks.

It does not matter whether the payroll check is hand-written or computer generated. Nor does it matter whether the payroll check is local or from out of state. Nor does it matter the amount of the check. Waldo Financial all payroll checks of all amounts. The check cashing fee to cash payroll checks is 3% of the payroll check amount.

Kansas City Check Cashing at Waldo Financial

When you need Kansas City government check cashing, cashier check cashing, personal check cashing, government check check cashing or money order cashing, see Waldo Financial. The entire check cashing process takes only a few minutes. Give them a call with any questions you may have. Their friendly staff is ready to serve you. Call that at 816-333-6800 or walk into their store location at 8437 Wornall Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

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