Kansas City Check Cashing Service: Tax Refund Checks

This Kansas City check cashing service article describes tax refund check cashing. We answer your frequently asked questions on cashing your government tax refund.

This is the government tax refund time of year. So we’re writing to let you know the specifics for your Kansas City tax refund check cashing.

At Waldo Financial, we provided tax refund check cashing. We charge 3 to 6% of the check amount to cash your refund check. The exact amount depends on whether the check was issued by the United States Government, state or local government or whether it was issued by a tax preparing service.

Kansas City Tax Refund Check Cashing Feeskansas city check cashing service at Waldo Financial

A United States Treasury tax refund will incur a 3% charge of the tax refund check amount.

A state or local government tax refund check will incur a 3% charge on the Kansas City tax refund check amount.

US Treasury, state and local government checks usually do not require the checks to be verified. However if the check appears old or appears to be different looking than a normal check, we may call the tax refund check issuer to validate the check or ensure that there are no holds on the check.

If you are looking for a Kansas City check cashing service to cash a tax preparer issued tax refund check, we can help you. We do charge a 6% fee to cash this check type. We may need to verify the check in certain circumstances.

First Time At Waldo Financial Kansas City Check Cashing Service?

Are you a first-time check cashing user at Waldo Financial? If so, here is what to expect on your first visit to our Kansas City check cashing service center..

We require a valid picture identification card during your visit. Please present that identification card to our staff member so that we may create an account with you in our check cashing system.

Your ID card will be scanned while we briefly ask you pertinent information related to the check. We will take a picture of you for our records so be sure to smile big!

We may also have you complete a basic information sheet – depending on the check amount that you are cashing.

Once you are setup in our check cashing system, you will be able to come in and cash any of the other types of checks that we cash beyond just government tax refund checks.

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