Kansas City Check Cashing Service For Retirement Checks

This describes a Kansas City check cashing service and where you can cash your 401K retirement check.

Are you retired and receiving retirement payments?

Or are you receiving an early payout on a 401K retirement plan and need a convenient way to quickly cash your retirement check?

If so, Waldo Financial can help you.

Waldo Financial – Your Kansas City Retirement Check Cashing Service

If you have received an early payout on a 401K or are receiving retirement payments, we can cash those types of checks here at Waldo Financial. We charge a 6 % fee on these types of checks.
When someone brings in that type of check to Waldo Financial, we first look into the system to determine if we have cashed checks from this maker before.

Next, we review the check with a similar check in the system. We will verify that the logo is the same and that the check signer is the same.

We may ask to see the envelope that the retirement check was sent in as well as any other information that you received with the check.

We will then call the maker of the check to verify that there are no stops or holds placed on this check. If the maker of the check is not available because it is after hours or the weekend, based on how the check looks and the information on the check stub, we may go ahead and cash the check.

kansas city check cashing service for retirement checksWaldo Financial Check Cashing Service

If you come into our location to cash a 401K or retirement check and you have never cashed a check with us before, we will require that you have a valid picture identification card with you. One of our staff will then get you set up in the system.

We will then scan the identification card that you provided and fill out any pertinent information.

We will take a picture of you for our records. We may also have you fill out the basic information sheet. This is dependent on the amount of the check that you are cashing. Once you are set up in the check cashing system you will be able to come in and cash any of the other check types that we cash.

When you’re ready to cash your retirement check, visit Waldo Financial. They provide the best Kansas City check cashing service. They are located at 8437 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114.

Waldo Financial is your Kansas City check cashing service.

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