Why Use Kansas City Check Cashing Instead of Banks

A growing number of consumers are happily remaining unbanked and underbanked, relying on alternative financial services like Kansas City check cashing and prepaid cards instead of using bank services.


Because banks tend to be more expensive for people who live paycheck to paycheck and small business owners.

Kansas City check cashing servicesKansas City banks charge high fees for nearly everything. While a checking account may be free, there may be a minimum balance to maintain to avoid a monthly fee. If the balance dips too low and a transaction goes through, there’s another hefty overdraft fee. A bank will charge an average of $29 for every transaction that overdrafts the account — even if the balance only dips below $0 by a few dollars or the transactions themselves are low dollar.

Consumers also face a host of other fees like bounced check fees and many feel like they are being nickel and dimed to use their own money.

Predictable Kansas City Commercial Check Cashing

Kansas City commercial check cashing services come with a predictable and low upfront cost. Consumers know exactly what they will pay to use Kansas City check cashing providers. They won’t be charged hidden fees when using their money. There are no overdraft fees, no minimum balances, and no bounced check fees.

Check cashing is also provided by a locally-owned, small business. Many consumers have more trust in visiting a neighborhood storefront to conduct financial business rather than walking into an intimidating bank. Consumers today want customer service and neighborhood-based services, something that is lacking when it comes to big banks.

Waldo Financial is a leading Kansas City check cashing service provider with an affordable, honest pricing structure for Kansas City commercial check cashing services. Consumers can expect friendly service with a range of financial solutions that make it easy to pay bills, cover business expenses, and more. Get your Kansas City check cashing services here.

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