How to Get a Car Title Loan in Kansas City

Car title loans are a popular way for Kansas City consumers to get cash on short notice. Car title loans are typically available to consumers who own a vehicle, regardless of credit score, with one-day processing.

Borrowers must own a vehicle to obtain a car title loan. There is no background check or credit check performed. Instead, the vehicle serves as collateral for the cash loan. Borrowers can keep their vehicle and continue driving throughout the loan repayment term.

Waldo Financial allows borrowers to apply for a Kansas City car title loan online, over the phone, or at their physical location and receive an immediate approval. Customers can borrow between $500 and $5,000 with each loan, which is contingent upon the borrower’s income, the vehicle’s value, and other factors. The application will require relevant information, including information about the vehicle and the borrower’s contact information, employment information, driver’s license, and bank accounts. After the application is approved, borrowers can pick up the cash at Waldo Financial’s convenient Kansas City car title loan location.

Loan repayment terms vary from 12 months to 24 months, with no penalty for paying the car title loan off early.

Before obtaining a car title loan, Kansas City lenders are required to meet certain requirements set forth by the Missouri Department of Finance, which regulates car title loans in Kansas City and elsewhere in the state.

The following guidelines apply to Kansas City car title loans:

* Customers must be provided with clear, concise disclosures that are easy to understand.

* Loan renewals and terms must have limits in place to protect customers.

* Lenders must keep car title loans within a set rate for finance charges.

These state regulations will apply to the ongoing relationship between the lender and the customer once the contract is signed. Borrowers who become delinquent on a loan will always be notified before repossession. Waldo Financial makes every effort possible to help borrowers avoid a default.

Waldo Financial takes pride in its transparency, meeting and exceeding state regulatory requirements to provide borrowers with all of the information they need before signing a contract.

Do you need a car title loan in Kansas City? If so, call us today at (816) 333-6800. Or apply online now for a kansas city car title loan to get your car title loan cash.

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