Kansas City Money Order Cashing

This check cashing article describes Kansas City money order cashing and what you need to know in advance when cashing a money order.

It is often that people will walk into our WaldoFinancial Kansas City check cashing location and ask whether or not we will cash money orders in addition to check cashing.

The answer is always: Yes, of course we do!

Money Order Cashing FeesKansas City Money Order Cashing

The next Kansas City money order cashing question that comes up is usually about is the cost of cashing the money order.

We charge a fee of 10% on all money orders unless we were the company that issued the money order.

If we issued the money order ourselves and the money order is brought back to us within a 24 hour period, we will cash the money order free of charge.

If the money order was issued more than 24 hours earlier, but within a week of the purchase date, we would charge 3% of the money order amount.

When the money order is older than a week old, the check cashing charge would be the same 10% fee that we charge on all other money orders.

Needed Documentation For Kansas City Money Order Cashing

When cashing a money order, we prefer that you can provide it to us with the stub attached.

Sometimes we will cash a money order without the stub. However, we would just have to verify the money order before cashing it.

Money Order Types That Can Be Cashed

The following is a list of some of the money order types that we cash at our WaldoFinancial.com Kansas City location:

  • Money gram
  • Western union
  • RGA
  • USPS
  • Chase 
  • 7-11

First Time Customer

If you have never cashed a check with us before, we will require that you have a valid picture identification card with you. With that, one of our staff will then get you set up in our system. We will scan the identification card that you provided and fill out any pertinent information. We will take a picture of you for our records. We may also have you fill out the basic information sheet. This is dependent on the amount of the money order that you are cashing.

Once you are set up in our Kansas City check cashing system you will be able to come in and cash any of the other check types that we cash.

When you’re ready to cash a check or cash a money order in Kansas City, come into our Waldo Financial location. We are located at 8437 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114. Our phone is (816) 333-6800.