Kansas City Money Order Cashing

This check cashing article describes Kansas City money order cashing and what you need to know in advance when cashing a money order.

It is often that people will walk into our WaldoFinancial Kansas City check cashing location and ask whether or not we will cash money orders in addition to check cashing.

The answer is always: Yes, of course we do!

Money Order Cashing FeesKansas City Money Order Cashing

The next Kansas City money order cashing question that comes up is usually about is the cost of cashing the money order.

We charge a fee of 10% on all money orders unless we were the company that issued the money order.

If we issued the money order ourselves and the money order is brought back to us within a 24 hour period, we will cash the money order free of charge.

If the money order was issued more than 24 hours earlier, but within a week of the purchase date, we would charge 3% of the money order amount.

When the money order is older than a week old, the check cashing charge would be the same 10% fee that we charge on all other money orders.

Needed Documentation For Kansas City Money Order Cashing

When cashing a money order, we prefer that you can provide it to us with the stub attached.

Sometimes we will cash a money order without the stub. However, we would just have to verify the money order before cashing it.

Money Order Types That Can Be Cashed

The following is a list of some of the money order types that we cash at our WaldoFinancial.com Kansas City location:

  • Money gram
  • Western union
  • RGA
  • USPS
  • Chase 
  • 7-11

First Time Customer

If you have never cashed a check with us before, we will require that you have a valid picture identification card with you. With that, one of our staff will then get you set up in our system. We will scan the identification card that you provided and fill out any pertinent information. We will take a picture of you for our records. We may also have you fill out the basic information sheet. This is dependent on the amount of the money order that you are cashing.

Once you are set up in our Kansas City check cashing system you will be able to come in and cash any of the other check types that we cash.

When you’re ready to cash a check or cash a money order in Kansas City, come into our Waldo Financial location. We are located at 8437 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114. Our phone is (816) 333-6800.

How To Obtain an Immediate Kansas City Payday Cash Advance Loan

Do you need money quickly in Kansas City? Are banks unwilling to make a quick cash loan to you? If so, you might consider an instant Kansas City payday cash advance loan from Waldo Financial. They are conveniently located at 8437 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114.

Waldo Financial provides Kansas City payday cash advance loans when you really need it most. The friendly staff helps you get instant cash when you need it most.

Kansas City Poor Credit Loans

If you have poor credit and are stressed on how that might restrict you from obtaining a loan, then Waldo Financial can help you. You could obtain a Kansas City payday cash advance loan instantaneous at their location.Kansas City payday cash advance loan

There are a couple of points to understand when taking out a cash advance loan.

An instant Kansas City payday cash advance loan will certainly have a greater rate of interest compared to various other fundings due to the fact that they call for no credit score checks. This produces even more danger for the lending institution. A credible lending institution like Waldo Financial, however, will certainly provides its clients a reasonable and also practical interest rate.

Kansas City Poor Credit Score Loans

Do you need a cash advance loan or a payday loan but have a poor credit score? If so, Waldo Financial can help you.

Moreover, without a credit score check, you are assured instantaneous authorization for the payday cash advance loan. It does not matter just what your credit history is. This simply means that the lending can be made quicker. Without a credit history check, a lot of consumers get their loan within a day and even faster.

On-line cash loan car loans in Kansas City are an additional fast alternative to obtaining some added money considering that they can be gotten from the comfort of your house. Consumers could likewise utilize the Web to contrast prices or search for a loan provider’s conditions.

Instantaneous authorization fundings or Kansas City payday loans are useful and a convenient method to cover unforeseen financial situations.

Get a Kansas City Payday Cash Advance Loan

Consider a Kansas City online payday loan application or walk into the Waldo Financial cash advance lending office today. You can also have your money by the end of the day.

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Looking for a Kansas City Payday Loan Online?

This describes Kansas City payday loans online when you’re looking for a short-term cash loan or a cash advance loan.

Kansas City is recognized for baseball and barbeque. It is the west-most city in Missouri that shares its cosmopolitan location with an additional state. Lots of individuals battle financially in Kansas City.  Some teeter on the side of economic catastrophe continuously. Luckily there are companies in Kansas City committed to assisting individuals in tough financial circumstances. And that’s where WaldoFinacial payday loans come in handy.

Obtaining Assistance in Kansas City

An economic emergency situation could be triggered by anything from an automobile mishap to the loss of a work and also any kind of variety of points between. You are not alone if you locate on your own in such an alarming monetary circumstance. WaldoFinancial.com has the ability to assist many people with a Kansas City payday loan online.

Getting a Kansas City Cash Advance Loan

Possibly you require cash and also you have actually made a decision that a financing is your finest method to obtain out of a difficult economic circumstance. There are a number of various funding options available that you could obtain on the internet or with store loan providers throughout KC.

A great deal of car loans have incredibly high rate of interest as well as costs. And also these lendings can leave you further in the red instead of resolve your economic troubles.

When you’re looking for a Kansas City payday loan online, visit WaldoFinancial.com for your short-term cash advance needs. Call their office now at (816) 333-6800. Or walk into their storefront at 8437 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114 and speak with a Kansas City payday loan specialist today.

Kansas City Payday Loans: How to Avoid Loan Fraud

There may be an unscrupulous payday loan lender waiting to take advantage of you. Don’t let them. Learn how to avoid Kansas City payday loan and cash advance loan lending fraud and keep your money safe.

While there are many Kansas City payday loan cash advance lenders who have good reputations, there are many who don’t. Since payday loans do not require a credit check, unscrupulous lenders sometimes take advantage of people who need cash immediately. From posing as legitimate businesses to harassing customers for late payments that they do not owe, these are lenders to avoid.

Signs of Lending Fraud

There are a few signs that you can look for to avoid being entangled in a Kansas City cash advance loan lending fraud. If you have recently acquired a cash advance loan but are receiving calls that payment is due in full, you are probably dealing with fraud.

– Never give your personal information to someone over the phone like address, or banking numbers.

– Verify the caller’s contact information, address, and so forth. Check to see whether the information matches your lending company’s.

– Request that the lender provide you with their state license number. A legitimate company will have no problem supplying their state license number. Compare it with known state licenses.

– If the caller tells you they are your lender but asks you to confirm that you are the correct person by supplying personal information, hang up.  Call your lender to confirm that they requested the information.

kansas city payday loans

When using Kansas City payday loans, following these responsible practices will keep you and your finances safe. Be sure to visit a payday loan cash advance Kansas City lender today if you don’t already have a loan but need one.


This described how to avoid payday loan and cash advance loan lending fraud in Kansas City. If you are not armed with the knowledge described above, unscrupulous payday loan lenders will take advantage of you.

Looking for a Kansas City payday loans or cash advance loans in Kansas City? Call Waldo Financial today at (816) 333-6800.

Keep in mind that there are many payday loan cash advance Kansas City lenders who have good reputations, there are many who don’t. These are a few signs that you can look at to avoid being entangled in a Kansas City payday loan or cash advance loan lending fraud. If you have recently acquired a cash advance loan but are receiving calls that payment is due in full, you are probably dealing with fraud.

Kansas City Consumers Want Payday Loans

This describes Kansas City payday loans and the desire for consumers to have access to small dollar consumer loans.

Over the last year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has collected more than one million comments submitted to the agency ahead of its proposed small-dollar lending rule that would regulate Kansas City payday loans and other small consumer loans. Despite evidence that consumers want and need access to small-dollar loans, the head of the CFPB – Richard Cordray – testified before the House Financial Services Committee that the agency will double down on its plans. He made no acknowledgement of the negative impact of banning payday loans.

In his testimony, Cordray pointed out that 14 states currently ban payday loans and these consumers “seem to get by just fine,” but the truth is there is no such thing as a state with no payday loans. An estimated 11,600 consumers in these 14 states go online seeking a payday loan every day with about 2.7 million payday loan applications submitted from these states per quarter.

Consumers Seek Banned Payday Loans

Kansas City payday loansTypically, consumers in states banning payday loans turn to lenders illegally marketing loans and in some cases lenders based offshore. The proposed rule to limit access to legal payday loans would have no effect on these loans and do nothing to protect borrowers.

About one-third of all payday loan complaints come from 14 states that ban payday loans. This means that consumers in these states are seeking loans from unregulated and largely illegal lenders instead of working with local, regulated and licensed businesses.

The CFPB, which was created in 2011 in response to the financial crisis and recession. In that time it has only received 17,207 complaints about payday loans. Meanwhile, about 550 million payday loan transactions have occurred since 2011. This means the CFPB receives on average just one complaint for every 32,000 payday loans.

Even though there are states that do not allow regulated payday loans, it is clear that consumers find other ways to access small-dollar loans.

Consumers without access to this lending industry make more complaints about illegal debt collection and lenders, bounce more checks, and file for bankruptcy more often.

When used responsibly, Kansas City payday loan providers like Waldo Financial give consumers access to credit they may not have otherwise have access to. This helps them avoid serious financial repercussions like bad credit, disconnected utilities, foreclosure, repossession, bankruptcy, and bank fees.

Kansas City Payday Loans Provide Small-Dollar Credit

This describes Kansas City payday loans and how they provide small-dollar credit to consumers that need cash.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray recently testified before the House Financial Services committee about his agency’s plan to adopt strict regulations on small-dollar loans.

Despite receiving five years’ worth of consumer complaints that show Kansas City payday loans have a far lower complaint rate than other products like mortgages, student loans, credit cards, and debt collection, the CFPB fails to acknowledge the real need among consumers for these small-dollar loans.

In his testimony, Cordray noted that 14 states currently ban payday loans. He said that consumers in these states “seem to get by just fine.”

The truth is every day, nearly 11,600 consumers in these 14 states seek payday loans online. In the 4th quarter of 2016 alone, about 2.7 million payday loans were requested from consumers in these same 14 states.

kansas city payday loans provide small dollar consumer creditIn states that ban payday loans, consumers often turn to illegal payday loans marketed illegally by U.S.-based lenders or offshore lenders.

Even when payday loans are banned, the demand does not decrease. Research indicates these consumers face greater financial strain by bouncing more checks, filing more complaints about illegal loans and debt collectors, and filing for bankruptcy more often, the Federal Reserve has found. States like Washington and Montana – states which have recently adopted restrictions on small-dollar loans – have reported similar consequences for their consumers.

According to the CFPB consumer complaint portal data, about one-third of all payday loan complaints originate from the 14 states that ban these short-term loans. This means a large amount of these complaints are against unregulated, unlicensed, and largely illegal lenders. While legal and illegal lenders are lumped together in this data, the CFPB still reports that payday loan complaints are down 28%. These complaints account for just 1.5% of all complaints the CFPB has received.

At Waldo Financial, we have advocated for a simple fix to protect consumers from unlicensed, illegal lenders: a national registry of regulated lenders. While this solution was specified in the Dodd-Frank Act that created the CFPB, it has not been a priority for the agency. This registry could help protect consumers from cash-grab schemes that pose as reputable online lenders. Rather than attempting to lump in the actions of illegal payday loan lenders with law-abiding businesses, the CFPB should instead focus on stopping these offenders from taking advantage of consumers.

Waldo Financial licensed lender regulated by the Missouri Division of Finance. Waldo Financial offers Kansas City payday loans to the local community.

If you are facing a short-term financial difficulty, contact Waldo Financial to apply for a cost-effective Kansas City payday loan.

Why Use Kansas City Check Cashing Instead of Banks

A growing number of consumers are happily remaining unbanked and underbanked, relying on alternative financial services like Kansas City check cashing and prepaid cards instead of using bank services.


Because banks tend to be more expensive for people who live paycheck to paycheck and small business owners.

Kansas City check cashing servicesKansas City banks charge high fees for nearly everything. While a checking account may be free, there may be a minimum balance to maintain to avoid a monthly fee. If the balance dips too low and a transaction goes through, there’s another hefty overdraft fee. A bank will charge an average of $29 for every transaction that overdrafts the account — even if the balance only dips below $0 by a few dollars or the transactions themselves are low dollar.

Consumers also face a host of other fees like bounced check fees and many feel like they are being nickel and dimed to use their own money.

Predictable Kansas City Commercial Check Cashing

Kansas City commercial check cashing services come with a predictable and low upfront cost. Consumers know exactly what they will pay to use Kansas City check cashing providers. They won’t be charged hidden fees when using their money. There are no overdraft fees, no minimum balances, and no bounced check fees.

Check cashing is also provided by a locally-owned, small business. Many consumers have more trust in visiting a neighborhood storefront to conduct financial business rather than walking into an intimidating bank. Consumers today want customer service and neighborhood-based services, something that is lacking when it comes to big banks.

Waldo Financial is a leading Kansas City check cashing service provider with an affordable, honest pricing structure for Kansas City commercial check cashing services. Consumers can expect friendly service with a range of financial solutions that make it easy to pay bills, cover business expenses, and more. Get your Kansas City check cashing services here.

The Benefits of Kansas City Commercial Check Cashing

There are nearly 8 million un-banked consumers in the United States with no ties to traditional financial institutions but many more who are under-banked, using alternative financial services like Kansas City commercial check cashing providers. Small business owners are most likely to use alternative solutions to improve cash flow and gain access to services they cannot get or afford from a bank.

Kansas City Commercial Check Cashing ServiceMany business owners today want the services of a bank without the unnecessary fees, hassle, and wasted time for checks to clear. With a commercial prepaid card, business owners can load thousands onto a card to pay for business expenses just like a debit card. Funds from checks are loaded onto prepaid cards instantly without the hassle of clearing. Kansas City commercial check cashing services have affordable, upfront fees with no minimum balance requirements, overdraft fees, and bounced check fees to worry about. Check cashing services gives business owners and contractors an easy way to cash customer and payroll checks with benefits banks can’t offer.

Building and trade contractors especially appreciate the benefits of Kansas City commercial check cashing. With check cashing services, fees are small and predictable, giving contractors the money from their last project immediately to fund the next project. Commercial check cashing means ditching the nickel and dime approach from the bank.

Waldo Financial is one of the few companies to offer Kansas City commercial check cashing services for business owners and contractors with a dedication to affordable fees and flexible solutions to best serve clients ignored and under-served by banks.

Kansas City Payday Loans Similar to Bank Overdraft Fees

This describes Kansas City payday loans and how bank overdraft fees are similar to short term loans

Nearly 70 million Americans are unbanked with no traditional bank account or Kansas City payday loansunderbanked. That means they do not or cannot access most banking services. The bank industry has shut out millions of consumers with high fees for almost every service. And they’ve imposed strict requirements for consumers to borrow money.

Kansas City pay day loans have been criticized in the media for their high annual percentage rates (APRs). However the fact remains that an APR is a measurement of a loan’s cost over one year. Whereas payday loans typically have a two-week term instead. For millions of consumers, there are few short-term loan alternatives. Banks have almost entirely retreated from the small-dollar lending market. They have instituted stringent underwriting standards that makes it impossible for many consumers to qualify for a loan.

Bank Overdraft Fee = Short Term Loan

Banks criticize small-dollar Kansas City payday loans providers, but banks also offer their own short-term, high-interest loan product. This is called an overdraft fee. Consumers who have a checking account with overdraft protection can charge more to their account than their balance. Checks or transactions that would normally bounce or get returned with non-sufficient funds are then covered by the bank. The consumer must repay the overdrafted amount along with an overdraft fee. The average overdraft fee is $29 but some banks charge even more.

Many banks advertise overdraft as a form of protection for transactions that inadvertently exceed the customer’s balance. Some banks advertise bank overdraft as an unsecured line of credit to manage cash flow issues,.. just like payday loans.

Consumers Spend More on Bank Overdrafts vs. Kansas City Payday Loans

In 2010, the payday loan industry reached $30 billion. Consumers spend more on bank overdrafts than they do on payday loans. Banks took in about $38 billion in overdraft fees in 2010 alone. That’s more than 3x that of payday loans. Under the law, banks can charge checking account consumers up to $140 per day in overdrafts with a separate fee for every overdraft transaction. A consumer who makes just three small-dollar transactions during one day totaling $13 will pay $87 or more in overdraft fees.

That’s outrageous!

Kansas City payday loans are a lower-cost alternative to bank overdraft fees,. They are virtually the same but with a different name. With a payday loan, a consumer pays a single predictable fee for the full loan amount without getting nickel and dimed on every transaction.

Waldo Financial is a leading pay day loans Kansas City provider with a focus on providing cost-effective and flexible payday loans to Kansas City consumers.

In summary, this described Kansas City payday loans and how they are similar to bank overdraft fees.

Kansas City Payday Loans – Alternatives for Low-Income Borrowers

This describes Kansas City Payday Loans and the alternatives they provide for low-income borrowers when compared to bank loans.

The banking industry has left millions of low-income borrowers out in the cold. They’re essentially shut out and ignored with high-cost products, unending fees, and stringent requirements for even basic loan products. Fortunately, low-income Kansas City residents have alternatives to access credit in an emergency.

Giving Low-Income Borrowers Access to Credit

Kansas City Payday Loans

Waldo Financial provides Kansas payday loans.

Pay day loans give low-income borrowers access to credit when they need it. And they do it without strict employment and credit standards. Many consumers live paycheck to paycheck. They rely upon payday loans to get through a short-term emergency. That emergency can be  ensuring bills are paid before payday, making home or car repairs, or paying for medication.

Kansas City payday loan providers are often criticized. Many claim that they charge high annual percentage rates (APRs) on their loan products. The truth is that the APR is an inaccurate tool. APR was designed to measure a loan cost over 12 months. Whereas, payday loans are typically over a two-week term.

Banks also charge checking account customers similar high-interest, short-term loans in the form of overdraft protection. These “loans” generate more revenue for banks every year than do payday loans.

Payday Loans – More Affordable Than Banks

Low-income consumers find pay day loans and other alternative financial services to actually be more affordable, easier, and less stressful than bank services. Banks are not designed to serve low-income households. They generate billions in revenue through checking account fees, paper statement fees, overdraft fees, bounced check fees, ATM withdrawal fees, and more. Consumers living paycheck to paycheck tend to pay far less by relying upon check cashing and payday loans with their predictable fee schedules.

Waldo Financial is a leading Kansas City payday loans provider offering affordable loan solutions for low-income borrowers in Kansas City with flexible repayment schedules and a focus on customer service.